Toyota Official Launch luxurious variant Avanza Luxury

avanza luxury (Foto:bali.bisnis)
avanza luxury (Foto:bali.bisnis)

PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) doesn’t want to lose with the presence of Honda Mobilio are able to stick to Toyota Avanza selling since the last five months. Monday, June 2, 2014, PT TAM officially launch luxury variant of LMPV (Low Multi Purpose Vehicle) Avanza Luxury.

Deputy Director of PT TAM Suparno Djasmin said, this Avanza Luxury made for consumers in Indonesia who need a ride luxurious and elegant vehicle. The existence of Avanza Luxury is a commitment TAM company to provide the best vehicle for the Indonesian people. The Real MPV Avanza is now present in 11 line-up to fulfill needs of Indonesian people.

Regarding the design, Avanza Luxury made completely locally by TAM Company Product Planning Department. Various innovations done so Avanza Luxury worthy of the title of elegant vehicle.

This new family vehicles launch in two types, namely Avanza and Avanza Veloz. For Avanza, there is an additional 1.3 G Luxury line up the manual and automatic transmissions, while the 1.5 G manual transmission would be upgraded to 1.5 G automatically transmission.

Veloz Luxury, performing with more sporty exterior, especially at the stern with smoothing panels, as well as the interior with the addition of black wooden ornament panel and entertainment on the rear side.

For now Avanza Luxury, emphasizing changes on the outside, especially in part of aerokit front spoiler, side skirts and Rear Spoiler. While a touch interior dashboard Wooden Panel thereby increasing the value of luxuries.

Veloz Luxury has a price difference of 6 million rupiahs from Veloz non Luxury. While Avanza Luxury, the difference in the price range of Rp 5,5 million rupiahs of Avanza non Luxury.