So Easier To get Chevrolet vehicles


To improve the costumer convenience, Indonesian Chevrolet with dealers operating in this country conduct the programs make it easy for consumers to have the Chevrolet their dreams.

Chevrolet ownership program with zero percent interest mortgage and a chance to get PERTAMAX gasoline worth up to 4 million rupiahs (terms and conditions apply) throughout all the Chevrolet dealership in Indonesia will last until middle of June 2014.

Indonesian people has a high interesting to have their own Chevrolet and we see most of them interest to coming in each the Chevrolet exhibition. However, can not be denied
that they expect the economic value ownership of Chevy and competitive deals, “said Nataporn Jiramahapoka, Director of Sales and Network Development Chevrolet Indonesia.

This program is a response to consumers’ needs and entries from Chevrolet enthusiasts. This will provide convenience for consumers when purchasing, as well as make the total cost of ownership Chevrolet as the best among the same type of vehicles.

Most recently, Indonesian Chevrolet convey economical cost of Chevrolet ownership lower the whole of the similar vehicle. In this program,Chevrolet lowering the price of parts are moving fast becoming a major requirement Chevrolet vehicles.

The programs of the Indonesian Chevrolet invites vehicle owners in Indonesia to choose a Chevrolet as an option and the symbol for its owner’s personality.

With offers of gasoline vouchers worth up to 4 million rupiahs we are also provide an opportunity for prospective buyers of Chevrolet planned activities vacation or Eid holiday for moslem people with more convenient because they do not have to think all about the cost of fuel for this purpose.

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